Monday, 18 May 2015

10 Warning Signs That The End Is Near For A Relationship

Amber is a 18-year-old from Poughkeepsie, NY. She enjoys listen to music, watching the Colts win Football games, and her favorite subject is Communication, she wants to go in to Public Relations.
Getting dumped happens to all of us, and is the worst feeling. You ask yourself will I every feel better, the good thing is yes it might take sometime but you will. Relationships don’t just end you’re not one day in a wonderful, loving relationship and the next day you walking solo in dumpsville. The unfortunate part to a breakup is you can almost always see one coming. There are always signs that a breakup is looming in the future, but we tend not to see them, which is why breakups are such a shock to us. What signs tell us that a relationship might be over? Here are 10 warning signs that the end of your relationship may be coming to an end.
1. She/He is always busy and never has time for you. 
When you find that you are spending more time alone, and she/he is becoming more and more distance. Even if the reasons for the distance seem logical, it’s never a good sign.
2. You are the only one calling or texting
When you are the only one picking up phone, especially when in the past both of you share the job of calling/texting equally. This is a big sign that the end maybe near.
3. Spending more time with his/ her friends.
If he/she is hanging out with their friends more than with you it could mean that he/she finds their friends are more stimulating and enjoyable to him/her then you
4. You seem to be fighting about little things.
Fighting about everything little can sometimes mean that there are bigger problems in the near future.
5. Not interested.
Your partner no longer cares about your day, or what your stories may be about at the end of the day. They try to change the topic so the talk isn’t about what you have done when before he/she cared.
6. Loss of respect.
When he/she doesn’t see your opinion as a good idea or shuts you down with out even listen. This is a major sign that something maybe wrong. Your opinion should matter to him/her. Be sure that you don’t so this either.
7. She/He has lost all interest in the things that you use to enjoy together.
Maybe they want to do them on their own or with someone else. This is a big indication of discontent and should be talked about right a way.
8. Lack of communication.
It is undeniable that communication is a major part of a any healthily, happy relationship. Therefore when you start to notice that you both hardly talk or you two did but they are no longer happening could mean there could be a underlying problem.
9. Little to no influence in the relationship.
You might feel very secure if you’re the only one making decision in the relationship, but in reality this a false belief. If you don’t listen or give them a chance to make a choice you might be alone soon. Never be the major influence in the relationship let the other person have chance to speak.
10. Changing their look.
This one might not seem a big deal, but it can be. If your partner is trying to change his/her look it could signify that she/he wants a change, is trying to look more attractive to someone else, or that they are getting bored with the relationship and are unsatisfied.