Monday, 18 May 2015

“Second Semester: We’re Almost Done!”

Matt is a 17-year-old from New York City, NY. He loves to be social and spend time with his friends, as well as being an active leader in his community. However, school also plays an important role in his life and he is motivated to achieve his dreams.
I’m writing this while I am on the train home. Normally, I would have a straight indifferent face on—not too happy or too sad—just somewhere in the middle. But today is different. Today was an ending and a beginning all wrapped in one school day. Today was the last day of first semester senior year. The next full day of school, I will walk down the hallways with a stride in my step, a beaming smile on my face and a calm mindset. I will walk the hallways like a second semester senior should.
The last semester of high school is something that every student looks forward too. In fact, I remember on the first day of freshmen year I said, “I can’t wait to be a second semester senior!” Well, that day has come. I’m beyond excited—don’t get me wrong. However, as the first day of second semester approaches by the second, I am beginning to realize that there are three different types of seniors. Each spends the second semester of senior year differently. As always, with each type, there are pros and cons that follow. However, there are also different types of parental advice to give to each of the different types of seniors. At the far ends of the spectrum, there are the slackers and workers. Somewhere in the middle lays the “middle-class” type of senior.
1. “Slacker Senior”- When the majority of freshmen think of a second semester senior, they tend to think about the stereotypical do-nothing, come late to class, slacker senior.  I thought that way too. These seniors completely shut down. Class and homework are things of the past. I’m not going to lie to you; most of my friends are planning on shutting down. Once midyears are over, they see no point in cramming for exams, working extensively on projects, and participating all day.

2. “Worker Senior”- The workers are the exact opposite. These students are the seniors who most likely took a very demanding senior year schedule with multiple AP classes and honors classes. Even though midyears may be over, they will continue to work their butts off to maintain their 95 overall GPA. These students will continue to ace tests, experience all-nighters and will still be sleep deprived.

3. “Middle Class Senior”- The “middle-class” students try to find a happy medium between the extremes. These students will tend to continue to advance in certain classes, but definitely not all of them. For example, a science-kid will continue to care about his AP Biology class, and completely disregard his English class. The balance is very hard to find for many students. Most who say that they will maintain a balance eventually pick a side of the second semester year spectrum. The “middle-class” students tend to have their minds both on “the now” and “the tomorrow.”
Me? I’m somewhere in the middle between a worker and a “middle-class” student. However, I will admit that I have some slacker tendencies as well! 
Now, with second semester senior year comes great expectations. There’s prom, graduation and a whole slew of senior spirit days. It’s easy to get lost in all the excitement, even when you’re a worker-senior. So remember, enjoy the events, but stay focused on the main goal: COLLEGE!

Parents, this next section is for you. I have a plethora of advice tips for you!

  • Make sure your child does not fail! This is a lot harder than it may sound. Some students, as I explained above, will completely blow-off school after midterms…or maybe even before. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Colleges ask for grades past the end of junior year! Senior year grades DO COUNT TOWARDS ADMISSION!
  • Prepare your child for college! This is what my dad is doing with me and it’s really helping out! Here are some things I do:
    • I do my own laundry (washing and drying)
    • I shop for my own groceries
    • I wake up by myself (if I’m late to school, it’s my fault–not my dad’s fault)
    • I clean my own room
  • I make my own money (this is an “iffy” though because in college, parents tend to still pay for most things). However, there is always a need for some extra money on campus.

I really hope this post helps everyone. To the students, stay focused! To the parents, stay calm!

I am officially counting down the days until graduation. June 22nd, 2012, here I come!!!!!