Monday, 18 May 2015

Top 10 Outlets for Teen Interests and Cognitive Growth

Dana is a 16-year-old from San Diego, CA. Her love of reading and writing has allowed her to share the experiences and lessons that have taught her so much with countless others. She enjoys traveling to new places, dancing and cooking, and hopes that one day she will both work in the education field and become a published author.

cognitive growth, delicious, dig, documentaries, mixx, mobilize, reddit, stumbleupon, teen cognitive growth, teen hobbies, teen interests, teensreadtoo, tumblr, veegleParents know that the best ways for teens to expand their knowledge and develop skills particular to their interests and hobbies, whether it be books or sports, is through methods teens themselves are interested in. Like a grumpy student who refuses to do their homework when they are assigned mere busy-work, thrusting a magazine in front of your teen’s face may not be the best way to get them to explore his or her interest. What a parent should realize, however, is that for the son who loves speech and debate, he frequently visits, and for the budding entertainer, is her daily go-to website during her free time.

Below are the top 10 outlets teens spend their time exploring for fun, as they retain valuable knowledge on a variety of interests ranging from calligraphy to photography, boosting their cognitive growth in the process.

Top 10 Passion/Interest Boosters:

1) StumbleUpon – With a click of the “StumbleUpon” button, articles, clips, photos, current news, etc. on any chosen interest instantly appear. Writing, yoga, photography, and science are just some of the plethora of selectable interests, providing teens with random, but valuable outside knowledge necessary for success in high school and every-day life.

2) Digg – A website featuring top news stories and video clips on a variety of topics such as technology, politics, business, and world events – a much more fun version of BBC News and other traditional news sites.

3) Documentaries – Going to the local library and borrowing a documentary is a great way for teens to gain insight on their interests.

4) Delicious – Like StumbleUpon, Delicious is another online outlet that helps teens to find cool stuff on any of their chosen interests.

5) – With teen writers posting their own blogs, Mobilize discusses current events dealing with the Millennial generation, social issues, and politics, calling them to take action.

6) TeensReadToo - A fun way for teens to check out the latest titles in literature.

7) Reddit – A great online source to read circulating news on new and popular topics.

8) Mixx – Also an innovative way to follow, share, and organize personal interests and read articles about them online.

9) Following a WordPress/Tumblr blog – Following a blog pertaining to a teen’s interest is a lot of fun and an appealing way for teens to get insight on their interests. From blogs about books to recipes, and even personal perspectives on political events, following a useful, informative blog is worth the time they spend following their friend’s tumblr.

10) Veegle – Intellectually stimulating, Veegle provides facts on certain interests ranging from business, nature, to government. This site aids teens in becoming trivia-knowledgeable.