Monday, 18 May 2015

How to Make Teenagers Logout of Facebook

Vatsala is a 16-year-old from Amritsar, India. She enjoys listening to music, reading books, writing, doodling and her favorite subjects are English and Math because she wants to be an Actuary.
Facebook – A brain child of a Harvard dropout and a website which plays a huge a role in a human being’s life these days. It’s that medium which brings people living 7 seas apart closer. The thing that was believed to be a blessing has turned into a cage, which has captured almost every teenager on earth.  It has become like a prison where teens keep writing on each other’s walls and keep poking each other. Amidst all this, everything has started to suffer. Be it their studies, their activities, their mental situation; in a nutshell their LIFE. Parents do have to free their teenagers from this prison. They just have to make them take a break  It’s not jus the computer that captures them, their smartphones spoil them the same.
Here are a few ways that can help:
Set a specific time
Your teen might not like this, but set a specific time limit in which they can access Facebook.; or a specific time as in after dinner or after school. And make them stick to it. Give them something when they obey it and punish (not severely) them if they don’t.
Get them interested in something else
Facebook is something people log on to when they are bored. Don’t give a chance to your teens to get bored. If teens are lonely, they will log onto Facebook , but don’t let them feel that way. Keep them busy. Get them involved in different activities.
Changing the settings
This might be something drastic but you could change your browser settings so your teens won’t be able to open Facebook without a password.
Talk to your teen
Talk to your teen about the harm of sitting on Facebook for long. This might stop them from going on Facebook that much. Keep it simple and who knows it might work.
Facebook is one of the biggest booms this century has seen but it is changing into something entirely else. If not stopped hackers and spammers will keep on affecting teens and bullying will be ahead of its game. Teens just have to be on their guard when using Facebook and parents have to do that too.