Monday, 18 May 2015

To Dwell OR Not To Dwell

Amber is a 18-year-old from Poughkeepsie, NY. She enjoys listen to music, watching the Colts win Football games, and her favorite subject is Communication, she wants to go in to Public Relations.

Some of the best advice that I have ever gotten is not from anybody that I know personally but from the little known brother of one of the NFLs best football players. Cooper Manning is the oldest of the three Manning brothers in which not many people even, due to the fact that  he does not play football anymore. The fact is his farther  thought he had the most potential of his three son, but due to spinal stenosis which is the narrowing of the spinal canal he had to stop playing football. In a interview Cooper once said “I don’t like to sit and dwell, whether it’s good or bad. You can walk around and be a sad guy, but that never appealed to me.” When I first read this interview that statement stood out because here is a guy who had to stop playing the one game that he loved and played for years and yet he is able to say yes it happened and yeah it sucks but I’m not going to sit down and focus on it I’m going to move on.

To me what Cooper is trying to say is you cant let one really bad or even one little bitty thing stay with you. Right now for me this was advice I really needed to listen to and use. My Ex boyfriend and I recently broke up after four years of dating and I was really depressed for a while thinking that love is dumb. I was dwelling on how bad being “alone” was. I was crying all the time then I remember what Cooper said, and his issue with his back. When I thought of that my break up didn’t seem so bad. It doesn’t have to be for large problems, but little problems too like cutting your finger when slicing up a apple, don’t dwell on it learn from it, do something different with the knife. People learn more from their mistakes then their accomplishments. I know that it’s a cliche statement but it’s true. Look when the last time you did something right and then change what you did, you change things when you do it the wrong way first. If something goes wrong in life don’t focus your energy on it fix it so when you do it again it works out better.
He isn’t even just talking about the sad times either he is also talking about the good times too. Sometimes when you focus too much on a good thing it can stop you from doing a even better thing. You can go on a on about something that was so great and think that’s the only great thing that will happen to you. Then you will never be able to see that you can do you and will do something even better. It doesn’t have to be a big thing either it can be a the littlest act. Getting a 75 on a test in a class that you never do well in can cause a mental curtain to come saying that its one good test that’s all you can mustard, but its not you can do so much more put that 75 to the side and think hey if I can I get a 75 then if I study harder I can a 80, then maybe a 85, then maybe I can get a 100. The good things should be something that cause you to see that you can do even better then what you already did.
Life is messy and wonderful at the same time, so don’t focus too much on each bad thing and each good thing that happens. Cooper Manning is a great example, he lost the ability to play his favorite sport and that didn’t stop him. Cooper moved on from using his body as a football player to using his brain as a investment banker. I’m not saying he moved on right away but when he was ready to move on he did. Its important to make sure you open your self up to move on don’t close yourself off never dwell on the bad or the good. Life moves on, so you got to be willing to move with it.