Monday, 18 May 2015

Why Parents Shouldn’t Interfere With Their Child’s Dream

Ashley is a 17 year old from Torrance, CA with unique curly hair. She loves writing poetry, trying new experiences, eating spicy food, socializing, listening to music, and giving advice.
All teens and tweens have a dream they want to pursue in their lives. These include wanting to be a doctor, a singer, an actor, a psychiatrist, or anything at all. People say, “follow your dreams”, but what if someone or something is preventing you from pursuing those dreams? The most common answer to this is parents,our providersThese types of parents vary. Some of these parents are very cultural, very caring, or just plain controlling (such as the cultural parents of Justin and the caring mother of 
The parents of many teens and tweens are interfering in their dreams and negating them. There are many reasons as to why these parents are doing this.
In my opinion, parents tend to interfere with their child’s dreams, negate them, or even force them to pursue something else because:
1. They believe that the career they have in mind for their teen/tween is the best option for him/her.
2. They want their teen/ tween to carry on the legacy of acquiring a career that has been a tradition in their family for years. (These types of parents are usually very cultural).
3. They want their teen/tween to involve themselves in careers that are common in their culture. (Such as Justin’s Persian parents in the True Life episode, who want him to be a doctor, a common career in the Persian culture).
4. They personally don’t like the career their teen/ tween is choosing to acquire in the future.
5. They don’t believe that their teen/tween’s desired career will get them far in life.
6. They believe that their teen/tween’s dream career will not sustain them in the future financially.
7. They feel that the way the economy is today will make it hard for their teen/tween to find a position in their desired career in the near future. (Like Carlos’ mother in the True Life episode, who knows that Carlos’ dream of becoming a DJ is not likely to happen due to how tough it is to be involved in the music industry in today’s competitive and economically unstable world).
8. They believe their teen/tween is capable of acquiring a more rigorous and professional career.
In my eyes, these are the 8 most common reasons why parents interfere with their teen/tween’s dream. Many parents interfere because they want what’s best for their teen/tween. Other parents force their teen/tween to change their desired career through demand. These parents need to take a different approach. An approach that involves letting their teen/tween pursue their dream and not forcing them to acquire a different career.
Parents shouldn’t force their teen/tween to acquire a different career because:
1. It is not right for a parent to take their teen/tween’s dream away from him/her.
2. It is not right for a parent to make a decision that their teen/tween should make themselves.
3. It is not right for a parent to make a decision that will affect their teen/tween’s future.
4. It is not right for a parent to make decisions that could alter their teen/tween’s well being in the job market.
5. Their teen/ tween will be unhappy with a career that they are forced to acquire.
6. Their teen/tween will be unhappy with a career that their heart is not into. (Just like everybody else).
7. Their teen/ tween should be allowed to make their own decisions for their own future.
8. Parents shouldn’t force their teen/tween to do something he/she doesn’t want to do for the rest of their lives.
It is not right for a parent to force their teen/tween to a life they don’t want. They should allow their teen/tween to pursue any dream they want. If someone or something gets in the way of anyone’s dream, therefore not allowing them to pursue that dream, he/she will be very unhappy. Do you want to be the one to cause your teen/tween to be unhappy by getting in the way of his/her dream? Of course not! The only life that matters is your teen/ tween’s life, why get in the way of their dreams and cause them unhappiness? Let him/her endure whatever it is they desire, it is the only way that will lead him/her to living a happy life in the future.