Monday, 18 May 2015

Senior Year Bucket List

A writer, hopeless romantic, and lover of all foods, Kimberlie is a seventeen year old living in Arizona. Her mind consists of a million chambers always pondering the what’s and why’s of life, and she considers herself anything but simple. She loves having long conversations with friends over the goodness that is a cup of chai tea latte.

high school, bucket list, senior yearFor three and a half years, my life consisted of a montage of Starbucks cups, 3 AM philosophical conversations at the kitchen table, aimless driving, stress-monster lash-outs, and comfort foods from across the globe.

It’s the end of a neurotic, dysfunctional era overflowing with memories that instigate the cocking-of-the-head smile, the embarrassing-laugh-till-your-sides ache, the shaking-of-the-head brow furrow, and everything else in between.

It’s the end of senior year.

As I begin my last semester of high school, I am so eager to grow up, to pursue life beyond the borders of the familiar.

Who will I meet?

Where will I go?

Who will I become?

However, before I let the ember of high school burn out, there’s still so much I must do…to create a final memoir that will forever remind me of my roots, my youth. Before I prepare to say my goodbyes and good riddance’s, I have one final task to complete:

Senior Year Bucket List

My list has gotten pretty extensive—from participating in a flash mob, making time capsules, to attending a heavy metal concert.

I challenge you, the reader, to make your own.


New foods
Night hiking
Road trips
Karaoke nights
Hairstyle changes

It’s not about needing liquid courage to do the act, it’s not about forever living in infamy, but it’s about satisfying the realization that we’ll never get any of these days back—that the people who surround you will only be here for a little while longer, and the setting you’re life has established itself in will soon drastically change. Nothing can mimic these days. The mountain overlooking the lake needs to be climbed. The girl you love needs to know. The roads that encircle you need to be driven on.

Parents, encourage your teen to relish these moments. Please stop constantly pestering us about scholarships, applications, and summer internships. Realize that we will only be living together for a few more months. And the minute we step out, most of us will never be back for good. Bucket lists can be made for father and son, or mother and daughter. Senior year comes with so many tasks that need to be attended to: applying for financial aid, sending out graduation invites, etc. However, instead of focusing on the future, we should be focusing on the now.

High school will soon come to a mighty end. To say seniors across the country are buzzing with anxiety and excitement is an understatement.