Monday, 18 May 2015

What Did Steve Jobs Mean to Teens?

Vatsala is a 16-year-old from Amritsar, India. She enjoys listening to music, reading books, writing, doodling and her favorite subjects are English and Math because she wants to be an Actuary.
They say that the god made three APPLES that changed the world! The one eaten by Adam , The one which fell on Newton’s head and the one created by the famous Steve Jobs. A Visionary, Technology Czar, Iconic CEO and a man who had the gumption and single-minded devotion and passion to give shapes to his dreams.  Our parents grew up idolising Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone that started a revolution in the whole world. But the present generation had a person who showed the world  another meaning of ‘APPLE’. He took the technology of Graham Bell to a whole another level. He made impossible things possible. He gave the world the smallest medium for listening music, showed people what a smartphone was, gave the world MacBook and apart from all his wonderful inventions he gave people like me inspiration.
His technology, which was invented in his garage after he dropped out of college, changed the way people looked at the world. His iPod made the big bulky walkman and disc players obsolete. Even though he was so busy, he took out time to speak at graduations. The words which came out of his mouth made people cry, made people want to change their lives and I guess this is the legacy he left for us the day he stepped into Heaven.
Everybody was devastated on October 5th when Apple announced the sad demise of its CEO. He meant alot to teens like me, to the teens who grew up listening to music on their ipod shuffles and nanos and who saw a whole new face of animation from PIXAR. The present generation spends half of their time on the prodcuts of Apple. Music on the iPod, texting on the iPhone, Internet on the Mac or iPad or watching a movie by Pixar. Our generation lived his technology; whatever he made was totally unheard of before. He had become a role model for many, he had become a person of interest for the tech savvy. Teens had started living their life through his eyes, through the products he had made.
Well, I think God wanted an iPad in heaven, so he wanted a guy to make one for him. It was an obligation for him to take Steve Jobs from this world. And I think Steve Jobs’ words has left many in charge of his legacy.