Monday, 18 May 2015

5 Ways to Turn Couch Potatoes into Responsible Teens

Vatsala is a 15-year-old from Amritsar, India. She enjoys listening to music, reading books, writing, doodling and her favorite subjects are English and Math because she wants to be an Actuary. 

For parents, there was a time when there was no television around. There was a time for them when there were not 500 channels available, not to mention the different shows aired on them. Now the time has come where television is available in every household, in every public place and even on cell phones. The “Idiot Box” has become teens’ best friend, and no matter how much parents keep screaming at them to stop, it doesn’t seem to affect them at all. Here are some ways through which parents can save their screaming for something else and stop their teenagers from being a couch potato.
Keep them Busy
Keep your teens busy by assigning them chores to do, or have them take out the old board games from the closet and play with them. Don’t let their mind wander to the world of Television, let it stay in the present.
Use Music as an Alternative
Music is a popular past time among teens and if you feel that your teenager watches way too much television, let music come to your rescue. Encourage your teen to listen to music when they have nothing else to do. Music soothes the mind and it is sometimes is a very good way to relax one’s mind. But don’t even let it go to their heads.
Spend time with your teen
One way from stopping your teen from watching a lot of Television is to spend time with them. Some teens watch television just to deal with loneliness. Don’t ever let them feel that way. Talk to them, pay attention to them.
Knock on the door of their Imagination
Get your teens to read books. Reading books open the door to their imagination and it increases their vocabulary too. If your teen hasn’t picked up the habit of reading, try keeping them busy by narrating stories to them or by playing imaginative games with them.
Keep A Firm Hand
Assign Television watching hours to them and have a firm hand. Parents’ hearts melt very fast when nagged often. Keep the rules in operation and switch off the Television when having meals. Let them enjoy the family time without a Drama!
Teens are at a very delicate age and if not handled with care, it can have very adverse consequences. Television is an important part of a teenager’s life .The teenagers get so engrossed in the Television Shows that they get angry with them, get happy with them and even start crying with them. It makes them forget the reality. No wonder Parents want their teens to watch less TV!