Monday, 18 May 2015

Bucket List For Parents: ‘Before They Leave Me’ Lists

I recently presented to a group of Moms of High School seniors. And we spoke about how to take advantage of the last few months before their child leaves for college. I wanted to write an article about “Bucket Lists for Parents” because I think this is actually a great thing for parents of all kids to do. So they can take advantage of the time before their kids leave for college.

A Bucket List for Parents is when Mom and Dad (and teen) make a list of all the things they want to do together before turning 18. Here are some ideas:

Bucket Lists for Parents:

Go river rafting
Take a trip to visit family member who lives far away
Do father-daughter or mother-son trip
Volunteer at local hospital
Make a family video history online
Clean out the garage
Organize the photo albums
Bury a time capsule
Build a space balloon
Model airplane
Invent a family cookie recipe
Go camping
Road trip to the closest state park
Go to a baseball game together
Make a life bucket list
Make homemade pizza from scratch

You can do anything you want! The idea is to build memories, get to know each other and get some great teachable moments. What would you add to your Parent Bucket List?