Monday, 18 May 2015

5 New Types of Moms….or Momikers

This post is just for fun…
We have all heard about the helicopter mom before and the girl scout leader mom and the momager for wannabe celebrity kids.  How about the new mom monikers…momikers shall we say? Here are some new types of moms I am seeing on the playground:
1) Mom CEO
The mom CEO has a 10 year plan and runs her family like a business.  I have seen these moms manage soccer snacks, dinner,  homework help and husband massage like any pro-ceo.
How you recognize a Mom CEO: Her diaper bag looks like a briefcase and family vacations have itineraries.
2)  MomMe
MomMe’s are very aware of sanctimommy time as well as kid play time.  They identify themselves as mom’s AND (they remind you constantly) individuals
How you recognize a MomMe: Goes to childless yoga and has a constantly approaches you for playdates at your house, but remind you to ‘only call the nanny as you will have your cell off.’
3) Momtrepreneur
Love you the momtrepreneurs. They are blogging, crafting, conference calling and selling all the way to through the afterschool pickup line.
How you recognize a Momtrepreneur: She gives you a business card/product card/her website after PTA.
4) UberMom (or as I have heard some say the uber boober while breast feeding)
This is the 2009 version of the helicopter mom.  Ubermoms are not nearly as obvious about hovering as helicopter mom’s were, but are the secret guiding hand behind everything their child does.
How you recognize an UberMom: You ask their child why they do gymnastics/swimming/flute/Curling and they say ‘I don’t know, ask my mom.’
5) Cosmomom
Think Carrie of Sex and the City at daycare.  Social, hip and still manages to go to the latest club opening after bedtime stories.
How you recognize a Cosmomom: Her Manolo Blaniks are one inch lower than when she was single, but her Dior Diaper bag has two shades of Channel lip gloss…park and bakesale.
I love all types of moms, and these are a bit extreme, but they seem to be the archetype moms we are seeing more and more in movies and TV shows. Do they exist in real life? I don’t know, you tell me.