Monday, 18 May 2015

How to Guide, Not Push, Your Teen

Hailee is a 16-year-old student from Pittsgrove, NJ. She enjoys music, going to concerts, and writing. She hopes to major in Marketing (Business and Interactive Media) in college
In reality all parents ever want for their teen is the best. Parents are always striving to help their teens reach their full potential, and not miss out on what could become a great opportunity or a fun activity to be involved in. But when does it become too much? Is there a line that parents can cross when they try to get their teen to maybe live out their own dreams that were never achieved? Well, this is going to be a quick guide on helping your teen without pushing your teen.

Always Make Sure It’s What Your Teen Wants To Do
Why don’t we take the most stereotypical example, Dads? I know everyone who has a dad that played football in the past always wants their son to play, and that’s great. They think, ‘Hey, maybe this is something we can bond over’. But a lot of times it ends up not being what the son wants. When your child gets involved in an activity such as a sport, make sure it is something that THEY enjoy doing. Yes, it’s always great to encourage your teen to try something new, but if they don’t enjoy it they will not reach their full potential. Also, most teens will get frustrated with their parents about pushing them into something they do not want to do. Always give your teen options; yes, you can definitely give your input about what activates they should do, but don’t push them into something they do not want to do.

Always Guide, Never Push
When helping your teen in whatever they may choose to do in their life is very difficult because parents need to try and find a place where they are just “guiding” their teens, not “pushing”. What I mean by “always guide, never push” is to try your best with steering your teen in the right direction, without forcing them to do something they really don’t have any interest in doing. Pushing your teen into something they do not have any interest in will not only make your teen unhappy, but it will hold them back from something they might really love to do. So, make sure when helping your teen you are always there to support, and not to push.
What Are Your Motives?
Helping your teen with what they should do or try is always an interesting process. Sometimes, when your teen doesn’t know what they should be involved in and ask for help, make sure you always have their interest in heart. The number one worst thing a parent can do is to try to make their teens live out their parents’ life long dream. Yes, it is great that you want to have your teen involved in the same thing as what you wish you did. If it is not something you think your teen would enjoy, try suggesting something else first. Who knows, maybe your teen would end up picking something you’d both enjoy.
The key to any successful relationship with your teen is making sure they are doing what they want to do, as long as it is safe. Once you see how happy your teen is when they are doing what they love, you’ll realize it was all worth while. And always remember the best way to let your teen learn is by making mistakes. So even if you don’t agree with what your teen might want to do, let them try it because if it does not work out I’m sure you’ll end up hearing “I’m sorry, you were right.”