Monday, 18 May 2015

How Drunkorexia Can Affect Your Teen

 Jessie is a 8th grader, who loves volunteering with her “trio”. She spends lots of time writing stories, and hanging out with friends. During the week you can find her at home, typing away. On the weekends, the likes to hang out at her friend’s house.
This is serious. Not something to play around with. First off, you are supposed to be over twenty-one before you drink. Now, teens are using alcohol to stop gaining weight. It is illegal since you are under twenty-one, and you could end up dead from not eating.
Drunkorexia is when a teen is replacing eating food with drinking alcohol, or eating food along with drinking alcohol to induce vomiting for numbing feelings. Girls are more likely to engage in this. Drunkorexia also has some terrible long-term effects. When you are drunk, you can get into many different troubles. First off, your drunk, and driving home drunk is illegal. You could end up in a car accident, and kill yourself, somebody else, or everybody in the accident. You could also end up doing some things you will regret while you’re drunk. If you engage in intercourse, you have a risk of STIs (sexually transmitted infections), and have a risk of getting pregnant. You can also get alcohol poisoning, and become a victim sexual assault. This is putting your teen in danger.
Since drunkorexia is drinking and not eating, it’s “double trouble”. You have the consequences of drinking, and not eating. From not eating, you have big risks for seizures, comas, or even hospitalization. If they keep up using drunkorexia, organ, liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal failure may happen.
If you are a parent with a teen using drunkorexia, you need to be very supportive. They are most likely thinking they are fat, so they are trying to lose their weight. You might want to help them by talking to a therapist, so you can sort everything out.
This is a very big college trend. If you have a friend doing this, you also need to be supportive. This is a very difficult time for them if they are turning to drunkorexia. They are either thinking they are fat, or they are addicted to alcohol. They have many hotlines for support if you need it. They can try to help you the best they can.
Drunkorexia is serious, so don’t mess around.