Monday, 18 May 2015

Dealing with Divorce: Advice for Teens

Shannon is a 19 year old from Arkansas City, KS. She enjoys poetry, airbrushing, drawing, and reading. She believes that language as well as art is one of the most colorful ways to express the self. It is painting the world with words.
The concept of divorce is really upsetting because the family is divided as well as the emotions connected with them. Many kids or teens feel destroyed as if the world is crumbling around their fragile little bodies and there isn’t anything that could be fixed.  Divorce usually occurs when a couple feels like they cannot live with each other due to fighting, other attractions, or other harmful problems in general. Many children, as well as teens, of a divorced couple feel that the divorce is their fault even though it isn’t. The reason of feeling upon the fault is due to the urge to feel in stressful situations. Feeling is perfectly healthy. Divorce is not something that could be changed by the adolescent, it is something to be accepted even though the concept appears impossible to grasp.
Below are some tips for coping with the strange new reality of divorced parents.
Accepting your Fate…
  • There’s nothing you can do about the divorce. Accept it.
  • Keep in touch with your parents. Don’t neglect them. You’ll regret it later.
  • Don’t let things pile up or they will pile up on you.
  • Don’t take your frustration on others. It will make you feel worse.
Applying it to your Life…
  • Try doing something constructive. It may help you see things in a new light.
  • Try a new activity. This will help establish social links with others.
  • Stay in shape. It will give you more confidence and you will stand taller.
  • Make time for work/school. Neglecting them would be a bad decision.
  • Make time for fun, friends, and family as well. They will be there for you.
  • Eat and sleep well. A healthy body leads to a healthier mind.
  • Counseling is a good option. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy if you go to counseling. It means you want to be a happier and better you.
The baggage that comes along when parents split isn’t light. It is good to keep the mindset that no matter what happens you’re still you. Even though one of them may get custody of you, you are still your own person.